When you molest a child your worse than a murderer because you didn’t kill the child once. Everyday the child wakes up you kill them again. This is what we need to put a stop to.- Mendy Klein

about the project

Project Heal’s therapy program helps victims of child sexual abuse process and heal from the trauma.

The proposed project addresses the steady increase in call volume since the organization’s establishment, and the resultant need to increase capacity in order to effectively save lives and address the complex needs of those who call. Survivors of child sexual abuse suffer from a wide range of serious emotional and physical disorders. Many engage in dangerous self-destructive behaviors including addictions, eating disorders and suicide. Of the more than179 suicides or accidental drug overdoses under the age of 35 in the Orthodox Jewish community since Jan 1 2017, 80% were victims of child sexual abuse (CSA). Thus, a timely and effective response to callers who were molested as children is often a matter of life and death.

Project Heal’s Therapy Subsidy Program makes professional therapeutic services accessible to victims of sexual abuse who otherwise would not be able to get therapy. The program is geared to support victims who are unable to pay for therapy on their own.

Quality expert psychotherapy is critical to a CSA survivor coming to terms with the past, addressing how molestation as a child is affecting the present, and moving towards healing. Therapists experienced in treating CSA survivors charge between $250 and $300/session. Clients suffering from addictions or eating disorders need therapists experienced in these areas as well.


about amudim

Amudim, under the guidance of Daas Torah, has been at the forefront of abuse and is the number one resource for sexual abuse case management and support. Our confidential resource center provides direct support and referrals and our educational programs raise awareness and promote prevention.

Amudim ensures that every Jew in crisis has a place to turn. Amudim has filled a crucial need in our communities, providing a lifeline in every situation, no matter how difficult, or how many others have already given up hope. Amudim stands by people during times of crisis, providing urgent care in the most professional and compassionate manner possible. We have received the most difficult requests imaginable and our answer is always yes.

As the first line of response for emergencies in our community, Amudim takes on the enormous responsibility of protecting, healing, and saving those that are in desperate need of help and have nowhere else to turn.


Child abuse and molestation are ugly facts of life that we must contend with – we can no longer afford to ignore this threat. We must become proactive and prevent to the best of our abilities additional occurrences of abuse and molestation.- Harav Elya Brudny, Rosh Yeshiva Mir Yeshiva of Brooklyn

lives saved

It’s all about saving lives.

Through the therapy program, victims and families are supported in healing from the trauma and the emotional, behavioral, physical, educational, vocational, and relational impact it has had on their lives.

The Program offers access to:

  • Professional best-practice standards for trauma treatment and referrals
  • Therapeutic measurement and evaluation system
  • Community case management and feedback model for supporting and overseeing victims’ therapeutic process to ensure optimal treatment and prevent the continuation of unsuitable/harmful therapy
  • Training staff members of community agencies in best-practice methodology
  • Financial subsidies for evidence-based trauma treatment. The subsidy is not administered directly to victims, but rather through local community organizations.
  • Partnership with local clinics to ensure their federally-funded trauma treatment is adapted and made accessible to victims.



Become a sponsor today and help save a life!

Amudim projects that at least 300 new CSA survivors will reach out to Amudim in 2018, with an estimated 60% requiring a therapy subsidy. Amudim proposes expanding the fund with a greater infusion of money and a subsidy rate ($125/session) so that more clients can benefit from the highest level of expert care. Thus, each eligible client will receive a subsidy up to a maximum of $125/session for up to 50 sessions in one year. Eligibility for the therapy subsidy will be determined by expert clinical assessments and strict income guidelines, factoring in total family income and extraordinary expenses.

$250,000 - Lifetime naming rights for the overall program

$65,000 - Sponsor the staff costs - program administrator, who is a licensed clinician 

$40,000 - Intake and office personal

$25,000 per year - Sponsor continue training programs for staff and therapists 

$20,000 - Sponsor the web development and software for the program

$5,000 - Sponsor the one time costs of start up, computers, printer, scanner, phone etc…


  • Total costs for 2 years $12,000
  • Annually $6,000
  • Monthly $500
  • Weekly $125


Amudim is unparalleled in standing by people during their toughest issues. With their caring staff and amazing passion for helping others, they set up an island of calm, and give their people the right direction and plan of action.- David Pelcovitz, Ph.D



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